Who We Are

Our logo speaks to the passion and level of detail we bring to our work. It was important to incorporate a puzzle to represent the importance of finding the right match. When unique pieces stand alone, most times they are unrecognizable, but when two properly align and come together, making the right fit, it can help to create a more desired final product. We realize not every match was meant to be, so here at LarraStaff, we take pride in going above and beyond to find that right synergy, every time. The colors also have meaning: Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability, it symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, and truth. Green is the color of nature, it symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, safety and fertility. We hope you’ll see why we have carefully created this symbol of our firm.


Identifying and searching for a new job or accessing top professionals is not always as easy as sending a resume or posting a job description and awaiting feedback. The difference you can count on from LarraStaff is our attention to detail when identifying the most important criteria surrounding your search, as a candidate or a hiring manager. We are ALWAYS available and will help our partners when it comes to opportunity/candidate identification, resume preparation, as well as interview/company awareness, all the way through offer and retention. Relying on an outside individual and trusting your career or recruiting effort is in good hands is something we plan to earn through matching not only job qualifications and skill set, but also cultural and interpersonal principles alike.


Our team blends hands-on industry experience with almost a decade of full-desk recruiting expertise. Through continuous networking and a knack for gathering market intelligence, LarraStaff will look to provide any candidate or client we partner with, as much insight into current employment conditions and industry trends available at any given time.


Believing we have your best interest in mind is the primary quality which allows a candidate to be completely in-tune with their recruiter, or a hiring manager to trust their search is a priority. This open dialogue is a vital aspect of allowing our partnership to fully balance, and for us to uncover where the best opportunity or most sought after candidates can be found. The motto this firm has adopted, comes from our Founder’s undergrad studies while at Providence College in Rhode Island. The motto of the Dominican Order and of Providence College is Veritas, truth, and the College’s deepest mission is to teach its students to love and live in truth. We feel this is the exact mantra and service proposition our firm can bring to our day-to-day business interactions with each of you. We are here to provide a service, and you can rely on our team to deliver any and all information we have the ability to bring into our reaches.

Meet the Team

Andrew Larracey

Founder & Lead Recruiter

Justin Forman

Vice President Of Business Development

Bill Rivers

Executive Recruiter

Nicholas Doria

Senior Recruiting Manager

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