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Your most valuable asset is your people, and our duty is to help keep the culture and environment you’ve worked so hard to build, in place. LarraStaff’s goal as a service provider is to understand the fundamental values and technical capabilities of your workforce, and to help extend your company’s reach in the War on Talent. Developing this kind of synergy takes outside-the-box thinking and a personal commitment to each candidate and employer who partners with our firm. We hope to earn your business and forge a long lasting relationship built on mutual respect.


When working with a hiring team, HR department or Talent Acquisition, our aim is to help extend the reach of your organization. Understanding what is needed, not solely from a resume perspective but to truly act as an extension of your team and a step of your hiring process. We are here to save time and make your process more cost efficient. We ask that you help our recruiters understand what your most valuable employees embody so we can do a better job matching that cultural, interpersonal and technical footprint.


We want to encompass and promote everything your company has to offer and more. The best way for us to find top talent is to understand exactly what drives your hiring process and why someone would want to become an employee. There is not much difficulty in sending job descriptions and in turn finding resumes. Where we differentiate ourselves from other recruiting firms is understanding how you, the hiring team, works. We will do our best to gather information on who you are, how your work gets done, and most importantly those prospective candidates you might work best with.


We want to understand and cultivate the role we play in your ability to attract, hire and retain top talent. Speed of delivery and quality of candidates are key, and we plan to be your unspoken first step in the screening process. Our value proposition is to meet, fully evaluate and sufficiently vet every candidate represented and referred to our clients. As a sourcing partner, we look to provide the most efficient and cost effective alternative to avoid any unnecessary and crippling downtime the hiring process can cause. The foremost value of partnering with LarraStaff is realized, when traditional online job postings and active recruiting channels are not able to produce the most sought after and highly qualified, passive candidates we pride ourselves on finding.

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